img_4829I just love this image. It’s just sexy and raw. The colors are perfectly in balance with the different tones of brown in both the skin and the shadows, and the red in the background, which returns in the lipstick and nail polish.

And of course, the way “Art Sells” is placed on the tongue, gives it a more than naughty, almost rough element.

There’s also a kind of symmetry in the shapes. And with the eyes being cut off the canvas, the person in particular has become depersonalized. Now it’s only about the body, the colors and the shapes. The hand, exposed to a lot of light almost resemble duck feet.

I also love the typography, white and symmetric against a dark background.

This poster was hanging in a set of three in my house for almost two years, and I never got bored with them. There’s a repetition the design which made it every day exciting for me to look at.