This is a very conceptual way of creating a visual language. And it’s connected to movement and dance, Through motion a dynamic grid is created, which changes according to certain body poses. This grid allows playfulness and can be adapted to each image. The straight lines, together with the connection points make us think of the analysis of movement. And eventually this way of analyzing the body and movement is translated to a logo, which consists of the same lines. It’s almost like creating a new language,

The color palette is also very much sophisticated and in balance. In the photos: grey background in which the movement/body is emphasized through light and shadow, the monotonous tone of the performers themselves which don’t catch too much attention in that way, the big white letters that stand, and the turquoise accent. In the flat design materials a light brown color is added, which relates to the skin color.

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motion_logo              motion_web

motion_mat2        motion_mat1