cb6de342bfc473cf0ce4ff78dc81d1a1A very catching work, especially the top one. There’s a lot of playfulness in this work on all areas.

I love the that only part of the body is cut out with very sharp edges and acts almost as a bust. The black background emphasizes this even more. The shape “fits” inside the frame.

The squares serve as an opposite to the organic shapes of the body. But the squares are repeated in both a very direct and a subtle way. There is a lot of difference of applying these squares. A gradient use has been applied on the right side, while the foreground has both very thick and thin lines, solid and transparent.

This image has basically three colors: black, white and the red touche. While the squares in the background are repeated more subtly with gradient and even a black “shadow” over the right side, the foreground has a clear white square and solid small shapes. And there’s even a very tiny red line that goes over the face, and a transparent grey  line.

The geometric lines are reflected in the typography as well. So, there’s a nice tension between all opposites. A very playful and therefore very exciting work.