0b15bc111feff9f0bd4d000f3a393929This design is genius. It’s a well-balanced mix between photo, flat shapes and drawing.

I love it how photography has been replaced flat shapes. The shapes themselves don’t have any deepness they only have one color.

The headscarf has been replaced by one fat yellow shape. And in a drawing-like way a bit of depth in range and blue strokes are added. This complements the white dots and the beads in the lady’s hair, which are part of the original photo, as far as I can tell. So, it seems that the playfulness has been extended from the dots on the lady’s face in the original photo.

The balance works very well in this image. The main focus is on the lady. And, even though her image is cut off at the bottom, this is substituted by the shapes, which are a heavy elements in the composition as well. Also, the bird adds an extra element of playfulness in the image. The less important text has been put down in a mechanic font to distinguish itself from the rest of the design, but the colors return in these texts. And love the dot, which places itself in a bit higher hierarchy than the other texts.

In terms of color, the photo matches the background, and four flat colors, which sometimes are seen in heavy shapes, and sometimes in small elements. The had-written texts  and the brush-like shapes, give the design a lot of playfulness.