graphic9This design captures in a perfect way what the movie that it represents, is about.

The movie is about the dark side of the dance world, in an almost horror-like way, and building up a lot of tension. This image feels like Cruella of the Dalmations. Elegant, female and mean, The tension is everywhere: in the eye, full of blood-red, and gazing upon the spectator in a haunting way, and the sharp dark and red point.

The elegance is represented by the swan, which is also the title of the movie. The crown subtly refers to the lead role of the main character. The eye is part of the body shape of the swan. The black eyelash above the eye turns into one of the feathers. The shapes are all very loose and sketchy with a lot of white space to exaggerate their shapes. It’s nice how three representations, the swan, the eye, and the lashes fit so perfectly well together. The points which come back throughout the design represent knives.

The colors are black and grey tones with gradients to make it smooth. There’s a light shadow behind the figure, which gives it more depth to the background. The red touches are subtle but on a prominent place. It’s clever how the point just tips the title and ‘injects’ it with blood. It’s only in the beginning, and the gradient from red to black suggests that the title is injected.

The typography is elegant as well, but still with spear-like points which resemble horror movies. Everything is in capitals.

The design is very clean: only a figure and the title. The sub text has been given a less prominent place by making it light grey. Altogether, it’s clever and beautiful.